Vicious Cycle

A day old

Mother starts smoking like she used to

father doesn’t look at me like all fathers do

‘toi aussi’ she smiled and cried

a year old

I can barely walk

I can barely talk

Dad left us, his only reminiscence, his grey smog

5 years old

Different men walk in

Different men walk out

Mother refuses to speak to me

10 years old

Saucers and pans fly over my head

Mom refuses to get out of bed

There is no electricity

15 years old

Mother tried cutting herself

Mother tried hanging herself

I’ve started smoking

18 years old

I fled

Mom is dead

Alcohol numbs the pain

20 years old

My womb carries a life

Her farther, not in sight

I don’t get out of bed anymore

21 years old

I start to smoke like I used to

Her father doesn’t look at her like all fathers do

‘moi aussi’ I smiled and cried



Do Devils Come With Horns?


Blowing out the candles of life

Snipping limbs and heads like paper

No cost for world domination

Do devils still come with horns?


Treating humans differently based on ethnicity

Demeaning, demoralizing, scrutinizing

Do devils still come with horns?


Ceasing journalism, disregarding human rights

Claiming freedom of speech in their hands

Crushing it with all their might

Do devils still come with horns?


Capturing peace in a jar, not to let it escape

Controlling the brimming protesters with fire and anger

Do devils still come with horns?


Society drawing lines on what to eat, what to do

Rewarding people with bloodshed and homicide

Questioning secularism and religion

Do devils still come with horns?


Is this a lifestyle or is it cruelty?

Humans, ironically, are inhuman

Each one a demon in disguise

Devils, in fact, may not come with horns





Black or white Heads or tails 

Decisions making me pull my hair 

Bite my nails 

‘Why’ is all I could ask, all that I could say 

One question that had all the answers to this fray

My mother answered, sang-froid ‘because the sky is so high’

Peculiarly my inquisition was answered by that reply 

Six words that held my fate 

One mantra that would show me what await 

Some might find my perspective bizarre and odd 

But that statement is more than literal if you give it a thought 

All that stands in your way is yourself 

Ones judgement is what could make or break themselves 

Don’t be pessimistic, you’re not alone

Everyone questions their purpose, you may not have know. 

Queries might be simple or tough like the hills or the bay 

All you have to remember is that everything is going to be okay.



Calm and composed 

Till you cavil about 

Anything and everything 


Your touch would heal 

And lingers like the scent 

Of petrichor  


Heated arguments 

At each other’s throats 

Bête noir 


Distorted canvas, crescendo 

Starting again 

Yet painting with the same colours 


As the days flew by Something inside her had start to die 

She felt empty,she felt bare 

Her body arose with despair 

‘What have I done’ she thought to herself 

‘My words harsh as ice made them obliterate themselves’

‘Am I so shallow and superficial?

Am I so prejudicial?’

She was soon consumed by sorrow 

Hoping that society would forgive her tomorrow 

Free her from the guilt that chained her

To regain perspective in life that was now a blur

But society isn’t as kind as it seems 

They won’t forgive her and her ‘wicked’ schemes 

She knew death was inevitable today 

Her body would be laid allay

Staring the world unseeing 

Society afraid of her being.


My mother had sent me to the market to do an erand. On the way back I heard a tinkling sound from the nearby park as I went towards it I felt a shiver run down my spine. The sun had just set, the orange was turning to black. Fear and thrill set inside me. The faint sound turned into a piercing ringing. My trail had started from the park and led down to narrow alleys with several monotonous shops. As I passed, everyone stared at me and made me feel like a misfit. Looking at their expressions i quickened my pace. I felt that I was being watched, followed. The ringing had become unbearable now and I had to cover my ears and walk. I entered a hallway and the noise became too shrill that I blacked out .

I woke up shivering of cold and fear. The ringing had disappeared. I was surrounded by people on white coats, they were all doctors. They inquired about what had happened yesterday. I described the unpleasant sounds that I had been hearing. The doctors concluded that I had a severe attack of tinnitus. This was associated with the tumour in my brain which was growing close to my ear. They informed me that I didn’t have much time left, pretty soon I would be gone, maybe even in a few hours. My heart sunk and the ringing started again and this time it was intolerable and I started to scream. It failed to stop even after the panicked treatment that the doctors were continuously providing me with. I couldn’t bear it anymore and without thinking twice I pulled the plug and bid farewell. After all why suffer when one move can remove all the pain.

A Walk By The Sea

As I walked on the shore
I saw an eerie house with a broken door
Pondering whether or not to barge in
The lights in the house were dim
It seemed someone had come and gone
A sinisterly vibe given out by the house at dawn
As I walked in the house leaving no stone unturned
I caught a glimpse of a girl settled on the floor, staring at toys which had been burnt
She she’d tears of agony
I wondered who was this malevolent man who took evil as parody
I touched her shoulder waiting for her to look at me
I saw her blood shot eyes craving to be free
Her hands were cuffed and her legs bruised
Petrified of the abuse
She wanted to go, she wanted to be free
She had been deprived of a childhood that she could have seen
I cut the cloth that belt her hands
Let her loose from all the bands
I took her hand and we scuttled out
She looked happy to be freed from that cage, no doubt
Ready to find a new home that gave her a childhood she deserved
Bits and pieces of which she would be able to preserve